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Letters to the editor of the Globe Magazine

The Marathon Issue wins praise from readers.

Accolades All Around

I did something I have never done before: read the Globe Magazine from cover to cover (The Marathon Issue, April 16). Usually, it’s me and the crossword for the joy of a leisurely Sunday. Of course, a glance or two through the magazine is likely. In particular, “26.2 Tales of Triumph” stole my heart! Consider my subscription renewed.

Jo-Ann Kenney, Arlington

This is one of the most wonderful issues I have read! “Tales of Triumph” is just too awesome (totally appropriate word in this case)! Almost every story was a gem. Very, very happy to have had the opportunity to read it. “The Making of Obama’s Love Letter to Boston” and the short “Asparagus With Zale” (Connections) were also heart-filled. Lastly, who doesn’t like beans (Cooking: “Spill the Beans”) and their relatives (Miss Conduct: “Separate Ways”). A beautiful collection!

Kellee Fiola, Chelsea


Presidential Poise

As I read “The Making of Obama’s Love Letter to Boston,” tears ran down my cheeks; tears of pride in the city I love; tears of loss, not only for all of those who died or were injured [in the Marathon bombing], but an overwhelming feeling of loss of what used to be our shared notion of what it means to be an American; and tears of hope, that maybe we can get back to that state of grace in this country. So, to writer Terry Szuplat, thank you.

Susan Murray, Burlington, Vermont

I had forgotten Obama had come to Boston, but this article brought it all back to me. I will never forget [the day of the bombing] 10 years ago...glued to the television, praying for all those injured and those who tragically lost their lives. Obama came to town and helped rebuild our faith in mankind, and the strength of Boston.


Sarah O’Connell, Sherborn

So moving. Beautiful speech, included in Netflix’s recent American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing. Great to learn the backstory of its creation. Hope the Globe can run E.B. White’s poem [referenced in the speech] in its entirety: it’s exactly what we need.

Jill Hunter Burrill, Acton

Tears came to my eyes as I read this moving piece. How appropriate when [acts of violence] still seem to be killing kids in elementary schools every week.

Curtis Barnes, Nantucket

It was a great speech at a time when Boston and the country needed a great speech. This article brought it back in memorable fashion.

Jim Day, Los Angeles

This is the purpose of journalism: To lift us up, to make us think...and smile and to love again.

Barry D. Newman, Milwaukee

I remember when Obama came here after the Marathon bombing. I remember when he went to South Carolina after the massacre at the church. And I remember when he went to Sandy Hook. His presence had impact. The nation turned to him and he responded.

GrievousAngel, posted on

Obama’s speech was thoughtful/inspiring/meaningful. I was pleased and touched to read all about its “birth.” I remember it well.

Phyllis Gibson, Needham

A beautiful tribute to the people and a city that was in a state of disbelief and shock, and when we could not believe that we would ever be whole again. President Obama’s visit, his faith in the people of Boston, reminding us who we were, helped a devastated city find the courage and strength to move forward with love and healing, instead of hate and revenge. We have survived, are stronger, and still moving forward.


3611rep, posted on

Going the Distance

With eight full decades behind me of reading The Boston Globe (I started out reading “Mutt and Jeff” comics with my mom in first grade), it is interesting to think back about how much I have always admired the Globe Magazine. This Globe Magazine was no exception, and I want to thank Brian MacQuarrie for his typically excellent story, “How the Marathon Was Saved” (April 16). I found especially fascinating how this iconic race was eventually reinvented as a big-time financial event after John Hancock insurance went away [as a sponsor], and the big fund-raising scandal of 1981, which was particularly compelling reading.

Bill Cummings, Winchester

I grew up watching this—it has always been a great day in Boston.


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