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N.H. students struggle with anxiety, new survey finds

The survey by the New Hampshire Education Department also found that only 32 percent of teachers said their school has ample resources to help students dealing with mental health issues

Students walk into the front doors at Hinsdale Middle High School, in Hinsdale, N.H., on the first day of school on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2022.Kristopher Radder/Associated Press

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The New Hampshire Education Department surveyed more than 9,500 parents, teachers, and community members to figure out what’s working in schools and what could be better. 

The annual survey, administered this spring, asked about everything from special education to school climate and school safety. 

One result that stood out? Student anxiety levels are high: 73 percent of public school parents said their child is as anxious or more anxious than last year, and just 27 percent responded that their child was less anxious than last year. And only 32 percent of teachers said their school has ample resources to help students dealing with mental health issues. 

Department of Education commissioner Frank Edelblut said this is an area for improvement, along with student behavior and making sure educators feel supported. Still, he called the survey results an overall success. 


“We are seeing progress from year-to-year as it relates to innovation, enhanced school safety and school climate, and it is clear from the results that there are strong partnerships and communication between schools and families,” he said in a statement. 

Most public school parents said relationships between staff and students are quite respectful -- although more parents believe this than do teachers and staff.

Administrators got a decent rating from teachers, too: A little more than 50 percent of teachers and staff surveyed said  that administration does “extremely well” or “quite well” when it comes to creating an environment to help students learn. 

And -- notable in the gut-wrenching era of mass shootings we live in -- 74 percent of parents said their children feel safe at school. No small feat. 


You can check out the results of the survey online, and view the results by district or by school to see how they compare to statewide results. Plus, they have data online going back to the fall of 2020, so you can see how things have changed over time.

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