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Pediatrics should be for the good of society, not the bottom line

Keisha Robinson helds her daughter, Tatyana, 4, while talking with pediatrician Dr. Aaron Bornstein during an appointment at Middleboro Pediatrics in Lakeville in April 13. The practice, a fixture in the community for decades, is straining under the weight of unprecedented financial challenges, and it is not alone.Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

Re “For old-school pediatricians, a way of life is under threat” (Page A1, June 4): Bravo, Dr. Aaron Bornstein. He embodies what families and pediatricians value most: clinical excellence, kindness, a child-friendly sense of humor, patience, and never-ending optimism. We are in agreement that our families deserve the best, including a personal relationship with their doctor. As a physician in a safety net hospital, I can attest that we are facing similar and equally dire circumstances.

It is imperative that we value our youngest members of society and understand that excellent care of children is not a profit-making endeavor but rather an investment in our future.


Dr. Lisa Dobberteen


The writer is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.