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Blind date: ‘We go to the same gym’

Are these daters in for a “lifetime of awkward encounters” at the gym?

This week's daters: Caitlin and MattHandout images

MATT L.: 30 / paraprofessional

WHEN HE IS HAPPIEST: Watching Boston sports or debating worldly matters with friends

HIS INTERESTS: Hiking, gym, golf

CAITLIN V.: 28 / educational specialist and curriculum associate

HER PERFECT SATURDAY: Golf, working out, having friends over or going hiking

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH? She’s a warm and empathetic person with a big heart.



Matt I happened to come up on Celtics tickets [for the same night as the date] the day before, so I was at the Garden. I was able to leave early and make the date on time. I didn’t tell Caitlin she almost got stood up for a basketball game.


Caitlin I went to the gym and then talked to a couple of my girlfriends on the phone/FaceTime.

Matt I arrived first. I had a margarita in front of me when she arrived. She walked over with confidence and had a great smile. I have a great smile, too, so things were off to a great start.

Caitlin Matt had already started on a margarita. I liked his casual, summery style.


Matt We go to the same gym. So if there’s not a second date, there’s a lifetime of awkward encounters at the gym to look forward to.

Caitlin We both work in education. I learned that we go to the same gym and both really like golf.

Matt We had a lot in common. We both enjoy golfing and the outdoors. She had recently been to Maine and I’d hiked Mount Monadnock the day before and she asked to see my pictures. The date was really relaxed.

Caitlin Matt said he doesn’t like to read, which is totally fine. As an avid reader and lifelong learner, though, that made me chuckle.

Matt I was smitten when about an hour in she mentioned she really enjoys golf. Caitlin was funny, smart, and thoughtful.


Caitlin We both really like the Mexican restaurant where we ate. I got my usual: carne asada. The food, service, and atmosphere were excellent. We also really liked our drinks (he had margaritas and I had cantaritos).

Matt I got shrimp tacos. They were tasty. The waitress was friendly.

Caitlin I felt comfortable talking to Matt. The conversation was friendly the whole time. As much as I enjoyed talking to him, it felt like a friend connection from the start.


Matt We finished eating and finished our drinks. Wanted to leave the date on a high note so I think we were both ready to go.

Caitlin While he was paying, I went to the restroom, and when I came back, I thought he had left! Turns out he had just gone to the restroom as well. We walked out together.

Matt We finished our drinks and exchanged numbers. Hugged outside the restaurant and said good night.

Caitlin We hugged goodbye and agreed we’d hang out over the summer.


Matt She asked for my number, so ball’s in her court.

Caitlin I don’t think so, but we could be friends. Matt is a great guy, just not a great guy for me.


Matt / A+

Caitlin / A

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