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Video shows open door on moving MBTA Red Line train

A passenger filmed the incident and shared it on social media. The train was later taken out of service, officials said.

MBTA Red Line train moving with doors wide open
Video shows door wide open on moving MBTA Red Line train. (Twitter via @MeloAunty)

An MBTA Red Line train has been taken out of service after one of its doors stayed open while the train was in motion earlier this week, officials said.

A passenger captured video of the jarring incident on Wednesday and posted it on Twitter the next morning. The clip shows the train traveling down the tracks with the door wide open, providing a clear view of the passing scenery outside.

A secondvideo posted to the same Twitter account showed a MBTA employee attempting to shut the door.

“It should be noted I pressed the emergency button on the car 3 times before I got a response and a worker tried to close the malfunctioning door,” the passenger wrote on Twitter. “She couldn’t close it, we continued to run with an open door until the car was taken out of service at Quincy center.”


Joe Pesaturo, a spokesman for the MBTA, confirmed that the Red Line train was taken out of service after the incident.

Pesaturo said that at about 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, the passenger intercom was activated, alerting the train operator to an issue in that car as the train was headed toward North Quincy station.

“A passenger reported that an end door was open while the train was traveling southbound,” Pesaturo said by e-mail. “At North Quincy Station, an MBTA employee who was a passenger on the train attempted unsuccessfully to close the end door.”

While the train was at the station, the operator “entered the car and closed and secured the end door.”

“The car is currently out of service while MBTA vehicle maintenance personnel work to determine why the end door was open,” Pesaturo said.

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