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‘It’s a miracle they found her’: Stoughton woman said to be recovering after being trapped in swamp for days

Emma Tetewsky, 31, was discovered in the mud in Borderlands State Park and rescued by police.Family photo

A day after her daughter Emma Tetewsky was found alive after being trapped in a muddy swamp for several days, Barbara Zinaman wanted to give thanks to anyone she could.

There are the friends who checked in after they heard the news of Tetewsky’s disappearance more than a week ago, and the strangers who called to say something kind about a long-ago encounter with her daughter. Then there are the hikers in Easton’s Borderland State Park who heard the faraway cries of a lost woman and called 911, as well as the police who plunged into the swamp and located Tetewsky.


“People have just been unbelievable,” Zinaman said in an interview Tuesday.

Tetewsky, 31, had been missing for a week and may have spent three or more days stuck in the mud in a remote area of Borderland State Park before she was rescued on Monday. Zinaman and her husband, Avram Tetewsky, were able to see their daughter in the hospital Monday night and give her a kiss.

“We are just so thrilled that she was found,” Zinaman said. “It’s a miracle that they found her.”

The last time the Stoughton couple saw Emma was June 26.

Last week, her parents and authorities sounded the alarm when Emma, who’s had mental health challenges, couldn’t be found and left her keys and cell phone behind. Police used drones and boats to search parks and waterways in the area, and the regional Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council search team came in to help.

Barbara and Avram’s son, filmmaker Jordan Tetewsky, put out the message as well, using his social media following to gather any information, but he received little.

That is until Monday, when hikers heard a woman screaming for help in Borderland State Park. Easton police officers responding to the call could also hear the woman’s voice, but they couldn’t locate Emma Tetewsky until they trekked deep into the swamp, according to a joint statement Monday night from Easton police, the Easton Fire Department, and Stoughton police.


“Three officers waded 50 feet from the shore, through thick brush and swamp, to reach Tetewsky,” officials said. Easton Police Chief Keith Boone said in the joint statement: “I’d like to commend our Easton officers, who blindly jumped into the water and followed the woman’s calls for help.”

Rescuers used ATVs to get her out, transporting her to Good Samaritan Medical Center in Brockton with injuries that authorities characterized as serious, but not life-threatening.

Zinaman said her daughter was in and out of lucidity at the hospital following her ordeal, but she was able to open her eyes and try to tell her story when her parents came in.

Zinaman said her daughter is dehydrated, malnourished, and sunburned. Her feet are also in rough shape — but she’s alive.

“She’s being nursed back to health,” Zinaman said. “She’s a strong woman ... She looked better than I thought.”

Police said they believe she may have been trapped in the mud for at least three days.

The couple got the news of their daughter’s rescue in person. A Stoughton police officer showed up on their porch Monday and told them personally that Emma had been found.

“It was so loving,” Zinaman said. “We just hugged him.”

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