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‘Succession’s’ Brian Cox and James Taylor shower each other with love at Tanglewood Fourth of July concert

Fans spotted the 77-year-old actor milling around the Tanglewood Shed with his signature bushy ‘stache.

Actor Brian Cox posed with musician James Taylor and Cox's wife, Nicole Ansari Cox (left), and Taylor's wife, Kim Taylor, backstage at Tanglewood on July 4.Courtesy BSO, Kathleen Drohan/Courtesy of the BSO, Kathleen Drohan

Brian Cox, the Scottish actor who played mean-tempered patriarch Logan Roy on HBO’s “Succession,” made a cameo Tuesday night at Tanglewood to see the legendary singer James Taylor, who’s performed there 30 times since 1974.

Though the tyrannical media king who built Waystar Royco never exactly embodied the “shower the people you love with love” vibe, Cox has been a follower of Taylor’s music for decades. Fans spotted the 77-year-old actor milling around the Tanglewood Shed with his signature bushy ‘stache, and Jan Devereux, the BSO’s senior director, public relations and communications, later confirmed to the Globe via e-mail that Cox was in the audience and met with Taylor backstage after the Fourth of July show. She added that it was Cox’s first time seeing Taylor perform — though he’d been waiting for the opportunity for 50 years, as he told the singer backstage.


Cox — who, as the senior Roy, struck fear into the hearts of everyone in his orbit — appeared to be all smiles after the show, when the two artists posed for a photo with their wives.

Josh Landes, Berkshire Bureau Chief at WAMC radio, tweeted photos of Taylor’s performance alongside a blurry snap of the celebrated actor, captioned: “James Taylor at Tanglewood tonight with a side of Logan Roy.”

Representatives for Taylor say he and his family are fans of “Succession” and the two “Bourne” films that star Cox (alongside another actor you may have heard of, Matt Damon).

According to Devereux, Taylor’s Fourth of July show was sold out this year, with around 18,000 attendees there for the crooner and the fireworks display over the Stockbridge Bowl that followed. The singer and his wife, Kim Taylor, a BSO trustee, donated proceeds from the show to Tanglewood.

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