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Blind date: ‘After we talked for a bit, the nerves went away’

Will this former improv comedian score a second date?

This week's daters: Lindsey and JoshuaHandout images

LINDSEY H.: 30 / marketing specialist

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH: Her sense of humor — she used to perform improv.

HER INTERESTS: Cooking, running, concerts

JOSHUA R.: 30 / purchasing manager

LAST THING HE READ: Julian Edelman’s memoir, Relentless

HIS INTERESTS: Golf, concerts, comedy shows



Lindsey I listened to The JTrain Podcast, which is hosted by a comedian named Jared Freid, who happens to be from Needham.

Joshua I was a mix of nervous and calm — I try not to put too much pressure on a first date.

Lindsey I checked in at the host stand and got seated. The host led him to the table a couple minutes after.


Joshua She was on time. I was five minutes late.

Lindsey The first thing I noticed was that he had really nice blue eyes.

Joshua I thought she was pretty cute. Nice hair and smile.


Lindsey The restaurant had a good cocktail menu and the drinks had fun names (Crocs at the Airport and Smokin’ Beans were the ones we ordered). We talked about the basics like where we grew up, our families, where we went to college, and what we did for work.

Joshua We talked about dating in general. Work. Living situations. Overview of family. Weddings we are attending this year. Weddings we are in. Traveling. Concerts. Comedy shows.

Lindsey We are both from the North Shore and have a lot of family who live in Massachusetts. We talked a lot about stand-up and concerts. I like a lot of the comedians he said he’s seen recently or will see soon, like Mark Normand and Bill Burr, and a shared sense of humor is important to me. I also love live music so that was a green flag for me. We talked about traveling and some trips we would like to go on.


Joshua [She] seems to be pretty chill and goes with the flow.

Lindsey I ordered grilled salmon with vegetables and couscous, which was good. I would definitely go back.

Joshua I ordered the shrimp risotto.

Lindsey After we talked for a bit, the nerves went away and I felt more and more comfortable as the date went on. Overall he seemed pretty laid back and the conversation flowed easily.

Joshua She was easy to talk to. It wasn’t awkward at any point; we just talked the whole time.

Lindsey When he ordered a second drink I realized I wasn’t looking for an excuse to get the check and wrap things up. Maybe that’s a low bar but that’s what I look for on a first date.

Joshua After the first 15 minutes I was telling myself, OK, a second date wouldn’t hurt.

YES, AND . . .

Lindsey He asked for my number at the dinner table and I gave it to him.

Joshua The two hours we were there went by fairly quickly.

Lindsey We both called Ubers and waited outside together since it was pretty nice out. I gave him a hug and then got in my Uber.

Joshua When giving her a hug goodbye, I got a vibe she was looking for a kiss. I kinda froze and didn’t do anything but we’ll see about date No. 2.


Lindsey He texted me later that evening to ask me out again and we’re currently planning a second date.


Joshua Nothing came up that would make me not want to see her again.


Lindsey / B+

Joshua / B+

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