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Blind date: ‘I discovered he is an avid soccer fan and I told him about the intramural soccer team I’m organizing’

Will this super soccer fan score a second date?

This week's daters: Cleo and CamHandout images

CAM A.: 23 / merchandising specialist

HIS INTERESTS: Soccer, travel

WHAT MAKES HIM HAPPY: Making memories with friends

CLEO D.: 24 / clinical research coordinator

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH: She’s a great listener, and very open-minded.

HER HOBBIES: Baking, outdoorsy activities, concerts



Cam I grabbed a drink with friends beforehand to calm the nerves.

Cleo I rushed home from my post-work physical therapy session and did a quick fashion show for my roomies.

Cam I was drawn to her curly hair, as it made her stand out in the crowd.

Cleo He looked put together, had a beard, and wore glasses. I was a little more dressed up but that’s usually how it goes



Cam We talked about how friends in relationships had recommended Cupid to us.

Cleo We both have friends who encouraged us to sign up. We [talked about] the basics like age, when and why we moved to Boston, school, work, etc. I was surprised he lives outside of the city; I had assumed that most people who signed up were closer to Boston proper.

Cam We both are the oldest of three siblings. We also talked about our favorite moments while traveling.

Cleo I discovered he is an avid soccer fan and I told him about the intramural soccer team I’m organizing. We both played field hockey in high school. I thought that was interesting since I don’t know many guys in the United States who have played. He’s younger than me but seemed mature.

Cam I ordered pasta with clam sauce. I thought the food was good, but a little overpriced.

Cleo I ordered a Bellini and a wild mushroom and gluten-free pasta dish. The staff was very knowledgeable about gluten free and even had a separate menu. We split the flourless chocolate cake for dessert, which was absolutely the star of the show.


Cam As the date went on I became more comfortable. Cleo was easy to talk to, had great ways of telling stories about what she was doing, and made clear her passions in life.

Cleo We both are very chatty people — there was always something to talk about. He was pretty authentic to who he was and that shone through.

Cam Being able to keep the conversation going without any awkward silences led me to liking Cleo more throughout the evening.

Cleo I didn’t have a moment where I felt strongly about our connection. I think we have different styles of humor. This made it hard for us to joke around, so there weren’t flirty vibes.


Cam Cleo walked with me back to South Station so I could catch the commuter rail.

Cleo After dinner, we exchanged numbers and said goodbye.

Cam We hugged and went our separate ways. I texted her saying I had a great time and hoped she got home safely.

Cleo He texted me to make sure I got back home OK and to say he had a great time, which I thought was sweet.


Cam I’d like to, but the ball is in her court.

Cleo He texted me about a second date, but I felt more of a platonic connection, which I was honest about.


Cam / A-

Cleo / B+