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Blind date: ‘In lieu of bringing me flowers, he made a donation to a wildflower organization’

Will this dater’s romantic gesture charm his date?

This week's daters: Matt and Leanne.Handout

MATT D.: 44 / museum preparator

LAST THING HE READ: A book on patination techniques for metal

FIRST THING PEOPLE NOTICE IN HIS HOME: 3-D printers, ceramic wheel, tools, and equipment

LEANNE B.: 35 / teacher

HER HOBBIES: Dancing, figure skating

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH: She’s smart, motivated, and family oriented.



Matt I wanted to bring something for my match other than flowers, so I made a donation to Grow Native Massachusetts, 3-D printed the logo, and stamped it on to some paper handmade from recycled mail.

Leanne I did my usual getting ready routine: took a shower, styled my hair, put my makeup on, got dressed, fed my dog, and left a little early. I didn’t want to be late! When I saw a man walk in by himself, I had a hunch that it was him.


Matt I was smitten! Leanne had on a lovely outfit with complementary bright nail polish, and had naturally attractive features. I’m a sucker for brunettes and brown eyes.

Leanne Physically, he reminded me of actor Seth Rogen. He had curly hair, glasses, and was wearing a button-down shirt. He had a piece of paper in his hand and said that in lieu of bringing me flowers, he made a donation to a wildflower organization.


Matt We talked about work, family, hobbies, shared experiences with marriages ending. I learned about her love of the musician Selena, her study abroad experiences in Spain (pan-seared squid isn’t the best hangover meal), her career, her daughter, and her love of Disney, her dog, and much more.

Leanne He works in a local museum and is very artistic. We talked about how he went to art school, makes paper, and does pottery.

Matt I think the conversation flowed pretty well. It felt very two way, and I hope Leanne felt similarly. I’d say within the first 30 minutes I knew I found Leanne attractive for her personality beyond any initial physical attraction.


Leanne I didn’t see him being someone that I would typically date. Our conversations never evolved enough to give me evidence that we would be compatible as a couple.

Matt We shared “Street Corn Off the Cob” and fried calamari. For entrees, I ordered the scallops. We agreed the food was delicious.

Leanne I ordered the Seaside Paradise cocktail, which was sweet. For my meal, I ordered the Faroe Island Salmon. The place was very trendy and the atmosphere was fun.


Matt It had been a delightful two hours. Leanne passed on continuing the evening, which I completely understood. She did initiate exchanging contact info.

Leanne We exchanged numbers, but didn’t make plans to see each other again. I don’t think either one of us knew the appropriate way to end the date. We gave each other a hug.


Matt I would 100 percent be open to seeing Leanne again. However, I’m going to guess a second date isn’t a guarantee.

Leanne It was an interesting experience, but no, I don’t picture him being a partner in my life. I didn’t feel any romantic chemistry.


Matt / B+

Leanne / B-

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