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Blind date: ‘There is a TikTok about finding the best cannoli in Boston’

Will these twentysomething history buffs find a future together?

This week's daters: Nathan and AnnieHandout images

NATHAN G.: 26 / administrative coordinator

WHEN HE IS HAPPIEST: At the beach or by the water

LAST THING HE READ: The Afghanistan Papers by Craig Whitlock

ANNIE R.: 23 / tech sales

WHEN SHE IS HAPPIEST: On a dock at a lake

LAST THING SHE READ: A book on ancient Egypt



Nathan I tried my best to work out my nerves. I made sure to leave with plenty of time to avoid rushing.

Annie I got home later than expected, so I put on one of my favorite playlists and got ready quickly. Two Ubers canceled on me. I didn’t want to be late; I wanted to make a good first impression.


Nathan She ran into some delays but apologized when she arrived. She actually called the restaurant and the waitress came over to let me know. I knew it was her when she walked in. I found her to have a particularly warm smile, and she also gave a great hug.

Annie I came in a little frantically, but he seemed totally relaxed! I thought he was well dressed. I was impressed! He has a great smile as well.


Nathan We had a laugh about the troubles of Uber.

Annie We talked about where we grew up, our time in college, jobs, love for history, and shared travel stories.

Nathan We discussed the various shows we watch (both enjoy guilty pleasure reality shows, albeit different ones), our favorite places to go out to trivia, and our summer plans. I also learned from her that there is a TikTok about finding the best cannoli in Boston.

Annie We’re both history buffs, love trivia, think the show Friends is slightly overrated, and are from the area around Boston originally.

Nathan I learned that she likes to cook, too, and like me, often decides on a dish based upon how much it leaves to clean up.


Annie I was immediately comfortable with Nathan. He is such an attentive listener and great conversationalist.

Nathan I ordered the spaghetti carbonara and a glass of red wine. The restaurant had an authentic, hole-in-the-wall type feel to it.

Annie I had the Spaghetti all’Amatriciana. It was delicious. I must have walked by the restaurant 100 times and have never gone in. The food was wonderful.

Nathan I found her attractive when we met and this increased as I learned more about her.

Annie He is a bit older than I am and I just realized we’re at slightly different points in our lives. I think we bonded well but more in a friendship way.


Nathan After two hours, it seemed to reach a natural point to end. We did not do anything afterward as she had plans with friends.

Annie Nathan headed to the T. I stopped by to wish a co-worker a happy birthday on my way home.

Nathan We said goodbye with a hug.

Annie We parted ways with a hug. I genuinely enjoyed my time with him. He is one of the nicest people I’ve met in quite a while.


Nathan We have texted a little bit, so we’ll see what happens.

Annie We’re looking into figuring out a time we can meet up for trivia!


Nathan / A-

Annie / A -

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