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Verde Farms earns Land To Market verification, one of the first beef companies to achieve the standard

Boston-based Verde organic grass-fed beef strip steak.Verde

Verde Farms is a pioneer and leading brand for organic,100 percent grass-fed beef from family farmers in Uruguay, Australia, and North America. The meat is also hormone- and antibiotic-free. This spring, the Boston-area company received a Land To Market verification and is one of the first beef companies to achieve the standard. The certificate confirms the success of the company’s network of farmers and ranchers who practice regenerative agriculture, which benefits the soil and ultimately the health of the planet. The quality of the grass cows graze on has improved, and so has the beef. Verde’s beef is tender, running contrary to the belief that grass-fed beef is tough because there’s less fat.

“The product has evolved a lot behind the scenes,” says founder Dana Ehrlich. “We use Angus and Hereford cattle, so our cow breeds are now more specific, and the animals’ age has decreased.” Ehrlich started the business in 2005 after being inspired during a worldwide backpacking trip he took before his MBA program at Dartmouth. He explored the lowlands of Uruguay, rode with cattle ranchers watching the animals roam freely and graze in the pastures, and tasted their wood-fired barbecue. Later, while at a Dartmouth exchange program in Argentina, he consumed plenty of grass-fed beef, and while he said he’s experienced adverse effects from traditional grain or corn-fed beef, he had none with the grass-fed beef. “That was the a-ha moment,” says Ehrlich. “How an animal is raised improves the health of the consumer, the land, and the planet. We continually push our ranch partners to improve the quality of meat for a better eating experience.” Verde Farms various cuts of steaks, ground beef, and burger patties are available at Market Basket, Stop & Shop, Shaw’s, and Star Market locations.



Boston-based Verde organic, grass-fed ground beef.Verde

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