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Blind date: ‘I thought, “Oh no, she is going to hate me”’

Can this matchup recover from some predate drama?

This week's daters: Bhushan and JaniceHandout images

BHUSHAN: 27 / grad student

LAST THING HE READ: The Subprime Attention Crisis

WHAT MAKES HIM A CATCH? He’s fun and chill to hang out with.

JANICE: 26 / media specialist

LAST THING SHE READ: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH? She’s emotionally intelligent, easygoing, and self-aware.



Bhushan When I got to the MBTA station, I knew I was going to be late. I thought, Oh no, she is going to hate me, because I had already tried to reschedule and she was not happy with that, so I knew I wasn’t making a good first Impression. I jogged from the station.


Janice I wasn’t super-excited because of the pre-communication about changing plans. So I went for casual, simple [look]. He was late to the reservation. I was about to leave and someone called my name.

Bhushan I got a sense that she was annoyed. I thought she was cute, but honestly I was flustered from my run.

Janice I wanted to be open-minded and give him a chance to explain. He actually ran to the restaurant! He has nice, dark eyes and beautiful hair.


Bhushan She talked about life after grad school, and we talked about immigration, dating, and more.

Janice We talked about dating, work, 20s life and struggles, hobbies, dream job/goals, and experience in Boston as an international/immigrant. It was so much better than small talk. The conversation demonstrated his personality and character.

Bhushan We talked about the kind of people on dating apps who annoyed us, and that was a fun time.

Janice We came to the conclusion that dating apps ruin our brains and treat dating as a grocery shopping experience, and do not help us develop real connections.

Bhushan I ordered pasta with chicken. The leftovers lasted me two more meals. The food and service were a 10 out of 10.


Janice I got beet salad and a North End Smash (cocktail).

Bhushan It felt like an easy friendship that could turn into something more. We weren’t overtly flirting but I think we liked this friendly-flirty vibe.

Janice He’s attractive. When he looked into my eyes when I talked, I found that attractive, and being able to talk about the valuable side of our lives is sexy too. But, sadly, I don’t feel the sparks. I [find] it hard to date someone in different life stages (student vs. working professional).


Bhushan We went for more drinks. I suggested it. Even though it had been two hours, it felt like the time had flown by. We tried a few bars and it seemed to be Bad Karaoke Night at every one, but we found a spot.

Janice I was not opposed to the idea — I was just tired at that point. I wasn’t feeling alcohol so I drank water.

Bhushan We walked to the T. I told her I’d like to go on another date, and she said something along the lines of wanting to be friends. I laughed and said, “Wow, way to shoot me down” or something stupid like that.

Janice I said that I am down to be friends. It was a bit awkward but we kept it on a positive note.


Bhushan I’d like to, and I think we will!


Janice I would like to see him some time as friends.


Bhushan / B+

Janice / B+ (for being late; A overall)

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