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This Sunday, see a movie for $4 to celebrate National Cinema Day

Yes, even on IMAX. Here are some movie suggestions for getting the most bang for your buck.

Exterior of the AMC Methuen 20.Jim Davis/Globe Staff

This Sunday marks the second annual National Cinema Day when viewers can see films at select theaters for no more than $4. The special promotion includes screenings in formats such as IMAX and 4DX. Since you can’t even buy a bottle of Dasani for less than $4 at most theaters, let alone a movie ticket, it behooves you to take advantage of this event!

To encourage theatergoing last year, the nonprofit Cinema Foundation promoted a day of cheap tickets to lure viewers back into the communal experience of seeing a movie on the big screen. The lowered price was supported by NATO (the National Association of Theatre Owners, not the other NATO), and the success of 2022′s event inspired its annual continuation.


In the Boston area, AMC and Showcase theaters are participating. The easiest way to find a movie you want to see, and the theater playing it, is to visit the National Cinema Day website at and search for your location.

I hope National Cinema Day will inspire you to see films you’ve been putting off while waiting for streaming options, as well as convince you to take a chance on more daring or unusual fare. Here are some suggestions:


Yes, I know I gave this film a negative review! But it’s certainly worth paying four bucks to see it in the far more expensive IMAX format. Remember, the discount applies to every format, including 70mm and IMAX 70mm.


Get your Kenergy on — and have money left over to pay for your Mojo Dojo Casa House.

“American Graffiti”

Fathom Events celebrates the film’s 50th anniversary by returning it to AMC theater screens. If you’re in a nostalgic mood, or just curious to see an early work of George Lucas, this nostalgia trip is well worth your time.


“Beauty and the Beast”

This 1991 animated classic is also back on screens to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Disney studios. Perhaps you’ve only seen the first animated best picture nominee on VHS. Or maybe you want to share it with your kids. You can get five tickets for the price of one, you know.

“Jurassic Park”

Steven Spielberg’s scary killer dinosaur movie returns to theaters to terrify a new generation. This 30th anniversary reissue also has a 3-D version, which is showing at the AMC Boston Common. But the original still slaps as well. Plus, there’s the coincidence of paying 1993 ticket prices — the average ticket cost was around $4 back then.

Odie Henderson is the Boston Globe's film critic.