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Blind date: ‘She was dressed well, more so than me’

Will their post-dinner stroll lead to a goodbye smooch?

This week's daters: Anna and EliHandout images

ELI M.: 24 / biotech research associate

LAST THING HE READ: Taste: My Life Through Food

WHEN HE IS HAPPIEST: Being outdoors in nature, biking and skiing

ANNA R.: 26 / development associate

WHEN SHE IS HAPPIEST: Close to the ocean, with friends and family

HER INTERESTS: Painting, paddleboarding, biking, and yoga



Eli I tried to ease my nerves by keeping myself busy, so I had a snack, put in a load of laundry, and chatted with my housemates.

Anna I listened to music on my drive over to the restaurant to relax. I was a little nervous.


Eli I walked to the restaurant, which helped clear my mind. I was seated at a table for four, which felt a bit big.

Anna When I arrived, he was already there. The hostess seemed to have an idea that this was a blind date, so she led me to the table.

Eli I got up and gave her a hug. She was dressed well, more so than me. She also had a nice smile, something relaxed, and not forced.

Anna I thought he was cute — he had a great smile and nice demeanor.


Eli I learned that she works for a nonprofit, which I thought was really cool! We talked about travel, my upcoming trip to Europe, and her recent trip with friends to NYC.

Anna We talked about his upcoming trip to Italy! We bonded over our mutual love of exercise and being outdoors. I shared my recent running adventures and upcoming 10K race.

Eli We both value spending time with friends and family: her with her grandparents on the Cape and me with my grandparents in my hometown.

Anna I learned more about his passion for cooking, and was impressed by the repertoire of meals he has already made.


Eli We started with the watermelon and Halloumi salad, the eggplant fatteh, and lamb burgers. After that, we had the skillet corn and tuna tartare. All the dishes were great.

Anna The food was amazing! The lamb burgers were my personal fave.

Eli I think I opened up more throughout the date, bringing back some slightly embarrassing high school memories that I might not have shared if it were someone else. She was receptive and listened well. The table for four did not feel like a table for four as the date went on. It became more intimate.

Anna I felt comfortable with him and felt like I could be myself. He seems funny, kind, and thoughtful. Turns out, we have many mutual friends.


Eli We left the restaurant, and I suggested we go for a walk. I felt like I wanted to learn more about her. We meandered around and continued chatting.

Anna I was happy to spend more time with him.

Eli I walked her to her car. I said I had a really nice time. I gave her a hug and a kiss goodbye. In the moment, it felt right and I went for it. It was reflective of the night I had.

Anna We walked around for a while and kissed goodnight before going our own ways.


Eli We exchanged numbers and I will definitely see her again.

Anna Yes, I would like to spend more time with him.


Eli / A


Anna / A

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