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Farfar and away: Danish ice cream shop is worth the trip to Duxbury

Farfar’s Danish Ice Cream Shop in Duxbury.Farfar’s

Farfar’s Danish Ice Cream Shop is worth the drive to Duxbury. Opened in 1979, the family business is beloved by locals. The ice cream is distinguished by its more than a dozen ultra-creamy, full-blown flavors made on site, some churned with additional heavy cream and others with loads of add-ins. A rich salted caramel is the perfect balance of sweetness and salt; the intense dark chocolate is littered liberally with almond bits; the strawberry cheesecake is exceptionally dense and generously swirled with strawberry jam. “We try not to be skimpy,” says owner Andra Carleton, who named the shop in honor of her Danish father, Walter Simonsen (”farfar” is Danish for grandfather or father’s father). “In Denmark, everything is rich and creamy.” The ice cream base Farfar’s uses comes from HP Hood and was developed by her father, Carleton claims. Simonsen had a long career at Hood and spent years coming up with techniques and recipes to turn out top-quality ice cream. When he retired, his family opened the shop. She says, “Dad had all the connections.” Carleton, who just turned 80, comes in every day and runs the place with her son Jason, 56. They stick to the recipes used from the beginning. If you visit, take your scoop to the lovely back deck, where you’ll find skinny red tables and chairs, all of them green. Seasonal flavors and ice cream cakes and pies are also available. 272 St. George St., Duxbury, 781-934-5152,



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