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A gin from the Four Corners of the country

Four Corners American Gin, a new gin crafted in the United States from the founders of the Glendalough Distillery in Ireland.Four Corners American Gin

The group that founded Glendalough Distillery in Ireland has recently released a new gin called Four Corners. This time, they craft the liquor in the United States with botanicals from regions in the four corners of the country, hence the name — wild junipers picked in Oregon; Maine cranberries; cascara sagrada, a bark from the Pacific Northwest; the herb yerba santa from the Mojave Desert; and wild cherry bark that grows in the lower lands of the west Texas mountains. The founders collaborated with herbalist Dr. Elizabeth McElligott, who sourced the botanicals, and notable gin distiller Christian Krogstad to create the spirit. The gin comes in a bottle that evokes the look of an antique seltzer bottle and has a bold floral and herbal aroma. Light and subtly sweet with citrus, woody and herbaceous undertones, and a mellow burn, you can easily sip this one straight up or on the rocks ($39.95). Available at many wine and spirit shops throughout Greater Boston.



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