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These maps show when foliage will peak in New England — and across the country

Dave Epstein’s guide to leaf peeping this fall
WATCH: Meteorologist Dave Epstein shares the top locations for leaf peeping in New England and the right times to visit.

Experts are predicting “brighter and more concentrated colors” from this year’s autumn. But not all foliage is created equal.

Each region is expected to peak at different times. Since 2013, Tennessee-based travel brand has released foliage maps each year to help tourists plan their leaf-related travels. Using data from around the country — including historical temperature and precipitation records, upcoming forecasts, and types of trees in each region — they’re able to guess where and when fall leaves will be most vibrant. Still, like any forecast, foliage tracking is “dependent on weather variables,” according to a press release from Smoky Mountains, and leaf predictions aren’t 100% accurate. This year, however, users will have the option to fill out a form to report the foliage they observe, which the Smoky Mountains team says will improve accuracy for next year’s projections.


Here’s a week-by-week breakdown of all the foliage the season has in store — and when it will be at its most spectacular, according to the company.

Week of Sept. 11

Fall hadn't hit most of the country by the week of Sept. 11.Jasmin Diaz/Courtesy of

Week of Sept. 18

Fall colors will start creeping into New England by Sept. 18.Jasmin Diaz/Courtesy of

Week of Sept. 25

By Sept. 25, pockets of New England will be exhibiting rich fall colors.Jasmin Diaz/Courtesy of

Week of Oct. 2

The week of Oct. 2 is when the foliage in some parts of New England reaches its peak.Jasmin Diaz/Courtesy of

Week of Oct. 9

Northern New England will be blanketed in fall colors by Oct. 9.Jasmin Diaz/Courtesy of

Week of Oct. 16

Some areas in southern New England will be hitting their peak the week of Oct. 16.Jasmin Diaz/Courtesy of

Week of Oct. 23

By Oct. 23, all of New England's leaves will have turned.Jasmin Diaz/Courtesy of

Week of Oct. 30

Parts of the Midwest and South will be reaching their foliage peak just in time for Halloween.Jasmin Diaz/Courtesy of

Week of Nov. 6

Most of the country's leaves will have turned by Nov. 6.Jasmin Diaz/Courtesy of

Week of Nov. 13

With the exception of parts of the southern US, leaves will have turned everywhere in the country by Nov. 13.Jasmin Diaz/Courtesy of

Week of Nov. 20

Fall will start transitioning to winter by Nov. 20, as most of the country's foliage is well past its peak.Jasmin Diaz/Courtesy of

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