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Was that a celebrity stopping traffic in Provincetown? No, just a gray seal.

Provincetown police helped a gray seal who had wandered onto a roadway to make it back to the water on Saturday night.Screen capture from Provincetown Police Department video

Driving in Provincetown? You might bump into busy traffic as summer crowds gradually subside this month, or spot a celebrity like Lea DeLaria or John Waters — or, if you were out on Saturday night, you might just have seen a seal scooting across the pavement toward its nautical home.

Provincetown police received a call at about 9 p.m. reporting a gray seal that entered the roadway near the AWOL hotel, according to a post on the department’s Facebook page.

“The fully grown adult seal appeared to have gotten turned around in the marsh area after the tide had gone out,” police said.


In a video posted by police, the seal scoots along the asphalt on its flippers and slips under a roadside guardrail as onlookers cheer, clap, and shine a light to help the animal see the path into a marshy area.

“Go ahead, big guy,” a man says encouragingly. “Can somebody give him some light?”

“Good boy! Come on!” a woman shouts. “You better find the water now!”

Four police officers helped clear a path for the seal so it could “return to the beach and ocean,” police said. It was not injured and went back into the water without any issues, according to the post.

“Great work by all involved in assisting this wild animal back to its home safely!” police said

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