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Ryan Huddle/Globe staff

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Eager cyclists sneaking past metal barriers and onto an unfinished community path. Rogue residents spray painting unmarked “speed humps” that seemed to appear overnight. A long-forgotten mannequin, and the secret compartment buried in its chest. Pizza wars on the sidewalk in Davis Square.

These are just a few of the stories we’ve unearthed recently in Cambridge and Somerville, aka “Camberville.” There’s much more to come.

The “Camberville & beyond” newsletter, curated by the Globe’s “Camberville” editor (and resident) Steve Annear, will deliver a mix of in-depth reporting and features that provide a snapshot of the news, personalities, and events popping from the banks of the Charles River to the heights of Prospect Hill. You’ll also get a summary of important updates from the broader region — because there’s a world of news beyond our city borders.


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