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Bedford, N.H., officials conclude no state laws violated in photos taken of girls at high school

The exterior of Bedford High School.Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

School officials in Bedford, N.H., said they have finished investigating allegations that boys took photos of girls without their knowledge and determined that no state laws were violated.

In a message sent to parents on Wednesday, Bedford High School principal Robert Jozokos said that “none of the photos we have seen were taken at school or on campus, none of the photos are explicit in nature, and all but one of the photos are selfies.”

“The [school resource officers] were consulted and at this time, there are no images, information, or evidence that is a violation of New Hampshire law,” he wrote.


School officials had investigated allegations that some boys in ninth and 10th grade secretly photographed 11th- and 12th-grade girls and made trading cards with the images, as well as assigning “grades” to them.

On Wednesday, Jozokos did not address the specific allegations and said any disciplinary action will be handled privately.

“We are working closely with all the students and families involved,” Jozokos wrote. “The discipline and education resulting from these events are handled confidentially and will remain a matter between the school administrators, the students, and their parents.”

Jozokos said voluntary class meetings were scheduled for Thursday and Friday to allow students to express any concerns they might have. He also thanked the students who came forward.

“When these students heard this may be happening, they told us right away,” Jozokos wrote. “That was the right thing to do. I encourage everyone’s use of see something, say something.”

Jozokos asked that the names of the students involved remain confidential.

“While we discovered no instance of sexual harassment, we take sexual harassment and survivor blaming very seriously,” Jozokos wrote. “All students and staff have the right to be in an environment free of harassment of any kind, including sexual harassment.


Jozokos said it is important to remember that “all of the students at BHS are still learning and growing towards adulthood.”

“I need everyone’s help in addressing their learning in a supportive and constructive manner,” he wrote. “We hope that you will join us in moving forward and contribute to the healing process for our students, their families, and the entire Bedford community.”

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