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Blind date: ‘We chatted like we were old friends and laughed a lot’

Will good conversation drive these daters to want to see each other again?

This week's daters: Maddie M. and Ally C.Handout

MADDIE M.: 24 / social media and outreach associate

LAST THING SHE READ: “The Hunger Games” prequel, “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes”

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH: She will write poetry about her partner.

ALLY C.: 22 / research editor

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH: She’s thoughtful and a great listener.

HER INTERESTS: Crocheting, quilting, movies



Maddie I hadn’t been on a date since my last relationship ended, so I decided to give it a try.

Ally My family and I would always be excited to read “the date” on Sundays, and once I came home from college, everyone thought I should give it a try.


Maddie I was nervous! I did a lot of deep breathing on my way.

Ally It was a beautiful night, so a friend and I walked through the neighborhood and had a drink in North Square.

Maddie We got there at almost the exact same time. I thought my date was really adorable — her sense of style especially! I loved her outfit and her overall vibe.

Ally She was tall and her curly hair was cute. I also liked her fun glasses and thought it was funny that we were both wearing a lot of pink.


Maddie We figured out we had a LOT in common: We both grew up in Massachusetts, studied psychology in college, are avid readers with similar tastes, and like to write. We have very similar taste in music, and both had radio shows in college.

Ally We talked about our families, what it was like being queer in college, and what we do for fun. She asked great questions and seemed to genuinely listen to my answers.

Maddie I found out she just finished making a quilt, which is so cool.

Ally I learned she works in communications for a startup and has a cat named Lux — I saw a picture and she’s adorable. We chatted like we were old friends and laughed a lot. We had had similar experiences and were both outgoing people, so it made the conversation easy.


Maddie I ordered chicken parm, and we got chocolate mousse at the end. The service and food were amazing.

Ally I had linguine with clams and chocolate mousse for dessert, which we both instantly knew we wanted.

Maddie Close to the end of the date, I realized I didn’t feel chemistry. I really like her as a person and she’s very cool, I just didn’t feel a spark.

Ally I immediately liked Maddie as a person, though I knew early on that we’d be best as friends.


Maddie We took the train home together because she was going back to a friend’s place near where I live.

Ally We rode the Green Line together and continued chatting. We both like to eavesdrop a little, so there was some of that, too.

Maddie I got off the train a few stops before her, so we just said we had a good time and wished each other a good night. We exchanged phone numbers but neither of us implied a desire for another date.

Ally She got off the train first. It was pretty crowded, but I would have definitely hugged if we had room.


Maddie No. We ended up deciding to just be friends.


Ally I would love to hang out with Maddie again as friends.


Maddie / B-

Ally / A

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