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Ms. magazine, ’73: show and tell in a Catholic high school classroom

A two-page feature on abortion from an issue of Ms. Magazine.Penguin Random House

Re “50 years of Ms.” (Sunday Arts, Sept. 24): In 1973 I was a senior in a Catholic high school, in a religion class called “Who Shall Live?” The topics under discussion included abortion, the death penalty, and euthanasia.

The day we were to start on abortion, I brought in my copy of Ms. magazine bearing a black-and-white photograph of a woman who had bled to death in, yes, a botched back-alley abortion.

To our nun-teacher’s credit, my classmates were allowed to pass that issue around. Our discussion was all the richer for it.

I am grateful for every issue of Ms. and for the women who fought to give us a magazine that spoke to our intelligence and didn’t pander to our insecurities.


That (now former) sister remains a friend to this day.

Rachel Thomas