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As I See It | Stan Grossfeld

One big parking lot

“As I See It,” a new weekly photo column by Pulitzer Prize winner Stan Grossfeld, brings the stories of New England to Globe readers. Grossfeld relates a story we can all relate to - Boston traffic.

The traffic on 93 South was hardly moving.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

It was 5:53 p.m. and Bill Massey was stewing in a white HVAC truck passing under the train overpass on 93 South, near South Bay.

“I was starving,” said the shipping and receiving supervisor.

This night, Massey’s 35-minute drive south from downtown to Rockland took 90 minutes. “It’s horrible,” he said. “I hate it.”

Boston has the fourth-worst traffic in the world, behind London, Chicago, and Paris, according to an INRIX 2022 Global Traffic Scorecard.

Massey is from Hadley and used to think Springfield traffic was bad. He can’t believe the rudeness of Boston drivers. “People are so impatient, they’re cutting in front of you, even before they put on their blinker,” he said. Boston drivers often signal by flashing their middle finger. “I’m shocked how aggressive they are,” he said.


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