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Charter schools gave her kids confidence they never knew they had

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As a passionate parent of children who have experienced both traditional public schools and charter public schools, I feel compelled to share how charter schools have positively affected my children’s lives and their educational trajectory (“Mass. pushes, against tide, for more charter schools,” Letters, Oct. 2).

A few years ago, my kids were struggling in traditional public schools. They were falling behind as a result of the overcrowded classrooms and lack of individualized support. Everything changed when I made the choice to send them to a charter public school. They immediately received specialized education services and are now working on reaching grade level. My kids who once dreaded school now eagerly look forward to it and are participating in after-school activities and running for student government. Charter schools provided them with a learning environment where they could develop skills and confidence they never knew they had.


Charter public schools may not be right for all kids, in the same way that traditional public schools weren’t right for mine. Ultimately, which public schools I send my children to should be my decision. And the public funding they are entitled to follows them. I encourage more parents to explore options that best serve the needs of their children.

Naomi Jackson-Carter