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Without MCAS as a graduation requirement, who will be accountable?

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I read Dan French’s letter arguing for removing the MCAS graduation requirement and replacing it with local graduation requirements (“MCAS: Stumbling block or essential measure?” Oct. 1). He seems to have great confidence that individual school systems can do a better job than a high-stakes test at ascertaining a graduate’s knowledge and capabilities.

So here’s a modest proposal: Allow each district to opt out of the MCAS graduation requirement under one condition — that the district would be legally, contractually, and financially responsible for any remediation courses a college must provide to a first-year student who enters said college. If what French suggests is right and a local district graduates only literate, well-educated students and does not succumb to grade-inflated social promotions, then the cost to that district should be nothing.


Easy peasy, right? I’m sure we could get the colleges to buy into this plan. It might be a little harder selling the districts on it.

Dave Rossow