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Blind date: ‘There was just so much to like about her’

Will this teacher and his date sail off into the sunset?

This week's daters: Max and Siena.Handout

MAX B.: 28 / teacher

LAST THING HE READ: “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”

WHEN HE IS HAPPIEST: At sunset, on the beach

SIENA T.: 27 / medical speech-language pathologist

HER INTERESTS: Global travel, concerts

HER PERFECT DATE: A sunset boat cruise



Max I had never been on a blind date before so I wanted to give it a try.

Siena My friends thought it would be a great way to meet someone.

Max I listened to some music on my drive to the restaurant.

Siena I spent the day hanging with some girlfriends, then my roommate was amping up the vibes with strawberry cider and some music.


Max At the restaurant, the hostess pointed me to the table and Siena was already there.

Siena The hostess led him over to our table.

Max She has a beautiful face and a really nice smile.

Siena I thought he was good looking and well dressed. I noticed he had a slightly visible tattoo, so I was curious about what it was.


Max We were essentially both in the same mind-set about what we want out of dating. She really cares about her work and I do as well, so we discussed that in great detail. We also spoke about our families. Lastly, we discussed a lot about a shared interest in traveling.

Siena We both have careers that are working toward helping others.

Max We both love dogs. We have similar tastes in music. We also have dietary restrictions, which made ordering easy. We are not big drinkers.

Siena We talked a lot about our shared love for traveling, typical weekend activities, hobbies, etc. The server kept coming over because we were chatting so much before opening the menu.

Max Seeing her smile more and how she engaged in the conversation only made her more attractive as the night went on. The vibes only got more comfortable as the date progressed.


Siena He told me it didn’t feel like we just met because of how easygoing the conversation was.

Max We ordered drinks, an app, one meal, and dessert. Food/service were 10 out of 10.

Siena We had spinach and artichoke dip, vegetable risotto, and affogato for dessert.


Max There was just so much to like about her. She’s smart, funny, genuine, easy to talk to — and the fact that she also decided to try this blind date really made me think she is someone who values taking risks and exploring.

Siena He was super easy to talk to and extremely friendly, which made the date comfortable from the start.

Max The connection felt right and we kissed goodnight.

Siena Physical chemistry is an important part of dating/relationships for me personally, and we kissed. He told me he would love to see me again. He texted me later and we’ve been talking since.


Max Yes. I would like to continue getting to know her.

Siena I find his initiative attractive, so why say no to a second date?


Max / A+

Siena / A-

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