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Blind date: ‘My favorite part was when he revealed his deepest fear . . . is chickens’

Will this date between a fisherman and an artist be something to crow about?

This week's daters: Travis and Nola.Handout

TRAVIS L.: 32 / fisheries liaison

WHEN HE IS HAPPIEST: Out on the water

LAST THING HE READ: The Big Oyster by Mark Kurlansky

NOLA H.: 26 / artist / retail

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH? She’s adventurous, open minded, and happy-hearted.

WHEN SHE IS HAPPIEST: On a walking path under a lot of trees



Travis I took a shower and headed to Providence. I felt a mixture of calm, nervous, and excited.

Nola I had some Chianti and chilled out. I was excited, I had no idea what to expect so why be nervous, you know? The hostess brought me over to the table.


Travis Nola physically was a beautiful brunette wearing a white dress that showed her nice figure. She definitely caught my eye.

Nola He seemed nice enough and not like he was going to run away, so that was a plus.


Travis She seemed a little nervous. I could tell by her giggle. We covered the basics. I learned that she grew up in New Hampshire, went to UNH and graduated with a marketing degree but has pursued her passion in art.

Nola We talked about travel. His family is from the Azores and I visited Portugal last year and loved it. He also visited England, where I studied abroad, and talked about how wonderful London is. My favorite part was when he revealed his deepest fear ... is chickens.

Travis Nola and I had a lot in common. We both have diverse ethnicities, both have passions (mine fishing, hers is art), both enjoy traveling, both are independent, both don’t take life too seriously.

Nola We are both Libras. We also have that ethnic ambiguity going on and both wondered if we were set up because of that. It’s probably the Libra thing, though.


Travis I ordered a mule and she had pisco sour, which I was intrigued by since it had egg whites in it. We ordered the ceviche de mercado. The food and service were amazing.

Nola We ordered corvina ceviche with fried squid (at the suggestion of the server). It was mildly spicy and just perfect.

Travis The conversation was flowing and effortless. I also was attracted by her cute smile and sense of humor.

Nola I feel as though we warmed up to each other, but more in a friendly way. I didn’t really feel that much romantic chemistry, to be honest. He’s older than what I would go for. We have different dating goals.... He wrote he was looking for “Mrs. Right” and I was looking for “Mr. Right Now.” I was just there to have fun.


Travis After our meal, Nola called an Uber. I was going to suggest a walk along the river, but missed my chance.

Nola I called my Uber when the server dropped the check off, and it arrived before he returned. He said he would cover it and I left.

Travis We both said we had a nice time. We had exchanged numbers earlier. We hugged and said goodbye.

Nola I gave him a hug because, why not! He was nice. I had fun.


Travis I think we will.

Nola Probably not. I enjoyed it but didn’t really feel a spark.


Travis / B+

Nola / B

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