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Blind date: ‘I was not on time. My Uber took a wrong turn.’

Will these musical daters recover from a late start?

This week's daters: Tharun and Ria.Handout images

RIA: 23 / strategy consultant

When she is happiest: Dancing; listening to pop, indie music

First thing people notice in her home: A Christmas tree that she decorates for each holiday

THARUN: 24 / medical student

His perfect match: Would look like Shakira. She would also be a singer.

His hobbies: Dancing, playing guitar, songwriting



Ria When I initially signed up, I honestly didn’t think it would go anywhere. I was pretty calm and excited to try something new.

Tharun A good friend of mine suggested that I sign up, that it was right up my alley.


Ria He was a few minutes late. I started to get a little nervous since I didn’t have his contact info and didn’t know if he was running late, or had decided not to come.

Tharun I was not on time. My Uber took a wrong turn.

Ria Once he got to the restaurant, the hostess brought him to the table. He was cute! He had a really friendly face and was dressed well. He gave off a very happy-go-lucky energy.

Tharun She was as tall or taller than me. She had a kind face.


Ria We talked about where we were from, what we do for work/school, sports, food, and travel. He seems really nice, and I liked how kindly he talked about the people in his life.

Tharun She is a dancer and is in her year of going to concerts. We talked about our hobbies and interests.

Ria I felt comfortable! He’s a good conversationalist and throughout the night, it was easy to talk to him.

Tharun It was just friendly energy the whole night.

Ria The restaurant was great! We ordered a quesadilla, crab cake, and tostada and we shared everything. We both love trying new restaurants and food, and we talked a lot about restaurants we’ve really liked.


Tharun Food-wise, the octopus tostada was exceptional—bright, juicy, and the octopus was grilled to perfection. The avocado rounded out the flavor profile by balancing the acid with its buttery fat.

Ria The date felt friendly and comfortable, but much more like friends getting to know each other than romantic.

Tharun I realized we did not have too much in common. She does seem like she would make a great friend, though.


Ria We got the check, and he paid. It was a green flag to me that he put down his card to add a little extra beyond the budget we were given and make sure we were tipping the waitstaff well.

Tharun We gave each other a hug outside the restaurant, exchanged numbers, and walked our separate ways.


Ria I would be interested in getting to know him more, but I don’t know if it’s something that would turn romantic or stay platonic. If he initiated, I would probably say yes.

Tharun No, not another date. She just was not my type. I’d be happy to hang out as friends.


Ria / A-

Tharun / B

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