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Forecast | Dave Epstein

Rain-free weekend promises above-average temperatures

A fisherman framed by some fall foliage on Round Pond in Nashua, NH, in 2014.Joanne Rathe

Since June, the number of weekends where we’ve had at least some precipitation has far exceeded those without. This weekend we’re going to be enjoying a rain-free couple of days along with a warming trend. Temperatures are going to be somewhat above average for both Saturday and Sunday. This is good timing for those who need to do fall clean up, plant some bulbs in the garden, or enjoy a field game.

Clear skies continues Friday with sunshine and milder air on a southwest breeze.COD Weather

High pressure, which represents air that is sinking toward the surface, will be moving east of New England this weekend. We will be on the warmer side of this weather system. Air that’s sinking from above tends to warm and also dry out, which is the reason why partly to mostly sunny skies are in the forecast. Temperatures will be approaching 60 degrees both days. There will likely be a little more wind on Sunday, so if you’re raking it will be slightly more difficult than on Saturday.

Temperatures Saturday and Sunday with reach about 60 degrees in the mid-afternoon before falling towards sunset.NOAA

The weekend is split between daylight saving time and standard time with the clocks falling back an hour early Sunday morning. This will of course bring our sunsets to pre-5 p.m. — specifically at 4:32 p.m. on Sunday evening. Obviously we aren’t losing an hour of daylight in a day so the gain comes in the morning when sunrise on Sunday will take place at 6:22 a.m. Eventually we will get back to 7 a.m. hour sunrises in December.


As we return to standard time Sunday the sunset will occur just after 4:30

On Monday, a frontal system approaches from the west. This will bring more cloudiness by the end of the day, and there could be a few showers for Tuesday. Once we get on the back side of this system the weather turns colder again and temperatures will trend back below average. The 6- to 10-day outlook, which takes us almost through the second week of the month, has New England with the greatest chance of below-average temperatures in the lower 48.


Colder than average air is likely for the second week of November.NOAA

While many of you may lament the early darkness, this weekend and into next week is a good opportunity to check out Jupiter, which rises in the eastern sky at dusk, and also be on the lookout for potential fireballs from a double stream meteor shower. The southern stream of the Taurid meteor shower peaks this weekend, and the northern stream peaks about a week later. These relatively uneventful meteor showers are known for potentially producing fireballs. Several cameras captured one over Boston this week. Take a look at the night sky in the coming week — maybe you will get lucky.

Some of the brighter stars in the night sky can be observed this