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Tracking COVID, RSV, and the flu in Massachusetts

Ryan Huddle

These charts track the respiratory illnesses circulating in Massachusetts, including COVID, RSV, and the flu.

Each week, the Department of Public health publishes data on emergency room visits and hospitalizations for respiratory diseases, which provide a window into the levels of illness circulating in the state.

The data show the percentage of hospital visits and admissions that were for acute respiratory disease, and include breakdowns by type of illness, age, race, sex, and county. The data are updated once per week, on Thursdays.

See more detailed COVID data here.

Data last updated Feb. 10, 2024.


Where does this data come from?

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health collects these data as part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Syndromic Surveillance Program. Data are reported by emergency departments.

What’s not included?

In instances where demographic groups with fewer than 50,000 members have fewer than five visits or hospital admissions, the data are suppressed. Rates are also not included for groups whose population totals are unknown, such patients who live out of state.

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