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Expect warm temperatures on Thursday and Friday, and rain on Saturday

Richard Landi took advantage of the warm temperatures on Nov. 7 to fish for trout in Houghton's Pond in Milton. Mild conditions are expected on Thursday and Friday.John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

Clouds rolled in this afternoon ahead of milder air that will be with us for both Thursday and Friday.

Temperatures are actually going to be quite a bit above average for each day, and Thursday in particular looks like an absolutely wonderful November afternoon. Plan on plenty of sunshine and temperatures getting near 60 degrees around 1 pm.

A mild day is on tap for Thursday with abundant sunshine.NOAA

The weekend is going to be a split affair between clouds and some wet weather followed by cooler and blustery conditions. The focus for the rainfall comes from a frontal system that will push out the mild air Friday night and Saturday.

This front alone is enough to bring us showers, and indeed I do think there will at least be some activity. Notice on the loop below that there are showers pushing in from the west.


Showers move west to east Saturday followed by clearing. Notice the blob of rain off the coast is forecast to just brush eastern areas on New England as it passes into Canada.COD Weather

The Saturday situation is a little more complicated because along with the frontal system is also a low pressure area moving up the coastline. This is a fairly strong storm and were it to come close enough, we would see heavy rain and wind.

However, right now it looks like the bulk of the storm will stay offshore. This means the chances of heavy rain are greatest for Cape Cod and the Islands, and it could even miss them. Locally, I don’t expect much enhancement from that system as of now.

A strong area of low pressure will likely stay too far out to sea to impact our local weather this weekend.Tropical Tidbits

You can expect the showers to arrive late Friday night and clear out during Saturday. I would say Boston will receive anywhere from a 10th to a half an inch of rain based on the current track of the storm and the front. If the coastal storm moves closer, the rain amounts would increase.

Temperatures will be fairly mild Saturday well into the 50s during the first half of the day before the colder air starts to filter in. On Sunday, conditions will be blustery and chillier with readings in the 40s, fairly typical for the weekend before Thanksgiving.


The heaviest rain is forecast to remain off the coastline this weekend.Tropical Tidbits

Finally, the new plant zone map dropped today, and the warming that we have seen over the past several decades continues. Much of Central and Eastern Massachusetts is now firmly entrenched in zones 6 and 7.

As a matter of fact, parts of Cape Cod and even downtown Boston a routinely warm enough for some of the colder hardy palms to thrive! As the trend continues it’s likely more adventurous landscapers and plant enthusiasts will continue to push the envelope trying to grow those trees and shrubs that are more typical for the Mid-Atlantic. Figs anyone?

The latest USDA hardiness zone map shows much of Massachusetts in zones 6 and 7.USDA