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Blind date: ‘We both went to school in the Bronx’

Will this maritime worker sail off with his date?

This week's daters: Carly and Lucas.Handout images

CARLY C.: 27 / nonprofit program manager

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH: She’s a great listener.

HER INTERESTS: Reading fantasy books, knitting, pottery

LUCAS R.: 29 / maritime logistics

FIRST THING PEOPLE NOTICE IN HIS HOME: Books, a rather big amount

WHAT MAKES HIM A CATCH: His baking skills



Carly My brother’s girlfriend told me about Cupid. I just moved back to the area so I figured, Why not!

Lucas A sibling told me it would be an interesting thing to do.

Carly I listened to a high-energy playlist to get myself ready.

Lucas I was a little nervous, as I had nothing outside of a first name.


Carly He had arrived a little earlier than me and was already at the bar. He was dressed nicely.

Lucas Carly seemed laid-back and easygoing.


Carly We talked about why we had signed up, where we went to college, how long it took us to get to the restaurant. He was very engaging and asked me lots of questions.

Lucas We talked about everything from personal, to family, to work. I found that she was on a wait list for ceramics. Honestly, I didn’t expect that there was this high of a demand in Boston to work with clay.

Carly We both went to school in the Bronx — our colleges were actually sports rivals. We both like to read fantasy books, and both have degrees in the field of politics.

Lucas We found that we have shared interest in music, art, food, and past travel destinations.

Carly I ordered a glass of rosé. We shared a charcuterie plate and escargot. The waiter brought over a mussels dish that we did not order but was really good!

Lucas I think we both would’ve rated the food and service pretty high. We somehow ended up with a bowl of mussels by accident.


Carly I didn’t feel too strong of a connection, and I think he probably felt similarly. The chat flowed nicely, but we are pretty different and have two very different senses of humor.

Lucas I appreciate those small Hallmark moments in life. Yes, over dinner we laughed at each other’s jokes and found that we both have similar values in life. But I don’t think there was any romantic chemistry.


Carly He said that he hasn’t been on a vacation in seven years because of his job and that he doesn’t go to concerts. I am a big believer in work-life balance and love live music so this was a deal breaker for me.

Lucas I unfortunately had to go back to a work assignment and she had to get back home. In hindsight, we probably should’ve done a different time instead of midweek so that work wasn’t an issue for us. Carly ordered an Uber then we left.

Carly We just sort of waved at one another. I think we were both ready for the night to end and to go our separate ways.

Lucas We had a cordial goodbye.


Carly / B-

Lucas / B+


Carly We didn’t exchange numbers or talk about meeting up again. I think we both didn’t feel the need.

Lucas I would like to think that there would be another, but you never know till it happens.

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