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Warm temperatures will give way to a cold and rainy Saturday

A man walks near a steam grate, at Pearl Street, on a dreary day.Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

Temperatures on Friday made it feel more like early May than November — the afternoon highs reached into the 60s for one of the warmest days this month.

It’s actually possible this will be the last time we hit the mid-60s until late winter or early spring. It becomes more unusual in December and January to get this type of warmth due to the lack of solar energy.

Temperatures were already into the 60s before noon on Friday.NOAA

The nice breeze we enjoyed during the day will continue to kick up ahead of a cold front that will pass through the area on Saturday.

A storm system that had threatened the area with potential rain will stay well to the east of New England Saturday. Nevertheless, the cold front — the divide between mild and cooler air — will usher in its own round of showers from mid-morning until early afternoon.


Total rainfall looks to be fairly minimal with just a few 100ths of an inch to a quarter of an inch in any heavier elements. This means that although fields for soccer and football games could be impacted, it won’t be enough precipitation to produce a lot of heavy rain and big puddles.

Total rainfall from the storms will be minimal.WeatherBELL

Behind this weather system it will turn cooler and drier.

Dew points Saturday morning will be in the 50s ahead of the front, falling back to the 30s and eventually 20s as Canadian air works back into the region for Sunday. Dew point changes are a good way to place frontal systems because they show where the different air masses meet.

Dew points in the 50s before a cold front will be followed by cooler and drier air for Sunday.WeatherBELL

Dry weather will remain as we head into next week if you are planning to travel for the long Thanksgiving weekend. The map below is for Tuesday and you can see most of the country is dry, but there is some rain along the coastline that will move north.


There will be showers long the east coast Tuesday. Tropical Tidbits

By Wednesday the rain will likely move into New England. How much rain and how long it lasts are still questionable. If there is enough cold present, then some of that rain could even begin as snow well to the north and west. Of course, this is an extended outlook and additional model forecasts will help determine how wet the day before Thanksgiving will be.

So far, Thanksgiving looks sunny, although it will turn colder for the holiday weekend.

Rain is currently forecast to move into the region for the day before Thanksgiving.Tropical Tidbits