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New ‘Jason Bourne’ film reportedly in the works, eyeing Matt Damon return

Deadline reports that director Edward Berger is in talks to helm a new sequel in Universal’s spy franchise

In this image released by Universal Pictures, Matt Damon appears in a scene from "Jason Bourne." A new film in the series is reportedly in the works.Jasin Boland

A new “Jason Bourne” sequel may be on the horizon.

Deadline reported Monday that Universal Pictures is planning to revive the franchise, with the studio in talks with director Edward Berger to helm the next installment. Berger directed the 2022 historical drama “All Quiet on the Western Front,” which took home four Oscars for Netflix at this year’s Academy Awards.

The “Bourne” franchise centers around the titular character, played by Matt Damon, a deadly CIA assassin on the run from the government who tries to piece together his memories after suffering from amnesia. Damon first played the role in 2002′s “The Bourne Identity.”


According to Deadline, Damon has not signed onto the project yet, as the studio plans to approach the Cambridge native once the script for the next film is completed. Damon last played the rogue spy in 2016′s “Jason Bourne,” reuniting with Julia Stiles, who starred opposite the actor in the franchise’s first three installments.

Aside from appearing in archival footage, Damon and Stiles were absent from 2012′s “The Bourne Legacy,” which featured “Avengers” star Jeremy Renner taking the lead as a different spy on the run from clandestine government organizations. None of the three actors appeared in the short-lived 2019 spinoff series, “Treadstone,” which aired on USA Network and was canceled in 2020.

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