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How well do you know Boston?

A reader on scenes and details around Boston.

Do you know where this photo was taken?Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

The Boston area is full of iconic sights and scenes. How well do you know them? Take this photo quiz and see if you can identify the following locations. See answers below. (No cheating!)

1.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
2.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
3.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
4.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
5.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
6.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
7.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
8.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff


Main photo: Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, Jamaica Plain and Roslindale

1. David Ortiz Bridge, near Fenway Park

2. Part of “Air Sea Land” sculptures, Seaport District

3. Malcolm X mural, Grove Hall

4. Logan Airport, looking toward downtown from Bayswater Street

5. JFK Presidential Library and Museum, Dorchester

6. Fan Pier

7. King’s Chapel Burying Ground, Tremont Street

8. John Harvard statue, Harvard Yard, Cambridge


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