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BioProcure/Prendio takes No. 1 on the list of medium-size businesses

This Woburn-based company has established an environment that’s dynamic and engaging and that allows plenty of room for advancement, employees say.

mark wanG for the boston globe

Since 2007, this Woburn-based company has managed procurement for biotech so scientists can focus on innovation instead of inventory. In 2022, BioProcure launched Prendio, the software system that makes it all work. Together, the growing enterprises create a workplace that is warm, dynamic, and engaging, with plenty of room for advancement.

In a word: Connections

View from the top: Employees “know they’re making a difference in biotech research and we’re supporting these great endeavors our clients are making,” says cofounder and chief operations officer Laura Stack. “We let them know they’re part of a great mission and that resonates with them.”


Teamwork: Recently, a potential client requested an out-of-the-ordinary quote. Financial analyst Daniel Simons had to come up with new pricing metrics, and three or four other departments had to pull information together to create the final proposal. “It worked perfectly — and the client ended up signing on,” Simons says. “That speaks to how everyone’s on the same page, working toward a common goal.”

Canine co-workers: Humans aren’t the only valued team members at BioProcure. An internal chat channel called “Furry Colleagues” gives workers a chance to connect by sharing their animals’ photos and antics, and it is widely expected that furry faces will make appearances during any video call. “It would be very uncommon for my dog not to pop into a meeting,” says Brianna O’Brien, whose golden retriever, Mash, is always ready for his close-up.

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