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‘By the end of the meal, I had almost forgotten that I was on a blind date’

Will this law student make his case for a second date?

This week's daters: Jake T. and Elizabeth C.Handout photos

JAKE T.: 23 / law school student

LAST THING HE READ: Robert Caro’s The Years of Lyndon Johnson series

WHAT MAKES HIM A CATCH: He’s career oriented, fun-loving, and down-to-earth.

ELIZABETH C.: 24 / actuarial analyst

LAST THING SHE READ: Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH: She’s kind, smart, and disciplined.



Jake A friend of mine saw a post and sent it to me, saying it seemed like the sort of thing I might enjoy doing. (She was right!)

Elizabeth My grandma read the article and encouraged me to sign up.

Jake I got there early and took a walk around the Seaport to calm my nerves. Said an Our Father and a Hail Mary and then made my way inside.


Elizabeth came soon after. She was dressed very sharp and had a really warm smile.

Elizabeth He looked put-together.

Jake We talked quite a bit before ordering drinks — we had to ask the server to come back because we jumped right into conversation. We touched on our careers, our upbringings, and what we do for fun.

Elizabeth He attends law school and a lot of his social life revolves around that. We chatted about life in Boston, where we went to college, and our roommates.

Jake We bonded over our shared experience of graduating from college during the height of COVID. I found out a lot about her running hobby, something I myself am hoping to pick up in the warmer months.

Elizabeth When we got our drinks, I began to realize that I was getting more “friend vibes.”

Jake We are both very career oriented — I am getting my law degree, and Elizabeth is strongly considering getting her MBA.

Elizabeth He did mention his “bit” was wearing a scally cap (I thought it was funny, but not really my thing).


Jake We began with a spanakopita, shared a trio of dips served with pita, and had a roasted chicken dish. It was phenomenal, but the dips blew everything else out of the water.

Elizabeth I ordered a mule and then we got a few plates to share.

Jake Hearing her talk so passionately about the volunteer work she does in her spare time really impressed me — this happened maybe halfway through the meal and definitely left an imprint. By the end of the meal, I had almost forgotten that I was on a blind date.

Elizabeth I was ready to leave when dinner was finished.


Jake The time — we were there for about two hours — flew by. I didn’t check the time once while I was there, which is pretty rare for me.

Elizabeth He paid for the meal and we headed our separate ways.

Jake We stepped outside, exchanged numbers, hugged, and then went on our way.

Elizabeth We hugged goodbye. He asked for my number but never texted me.


Jake Hopefully! I’d love the chance to get to know Elizabeth more in an environment that feels a little less high stakes.

Elizabeth I do not think I will go on another date.


Jake / A

Elizabeth / B

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