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This handblown stemware might shatter your expectations about durability

The Universal wine glass from Glasvin, an all-purpose hand-blown wine glass.Glasvin

The Universal wine glass crafted by New York-based Glasvin is handblown from lead-free crystal, is elegant and lightweight with a thin lip, so you might feel it’s meant for special occasions. It looks fragile, but it’s actually shatter-resistant and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. If you’re looking for new stemware for the holidays, this one is also all-purpose and fairly reasonably priced for handcrafted glasses. Use it with any type of wine. The bowl is ample enough to give the beverage a good swirl and then tapers in toward the lip to focus the aromas for sniffing ($79 for two). More than a half-dozen other types of glassware are also available from Glasvin, including one named The Expression with a wider bowl tailored for Bordeaux and other reds; The Aromatic, tapered for Burgundy or chardonnay; The Champagne for sparklers; and The Stemless, and more (from $79 to $109 for two). According to the company, more than 100 restaurants use their stemware, and at least 15 have Michelin stars. To order, go to glas.vin.



Champagne glass from Glasvin.Glasvin

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