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Scot Lehigh tried reasoning like a Trump supporter. Here’s what he came up with.

Lehigh gets into the MAGA mindset.

Vice Chair Liz Cheney of Wyoming listened as the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol held a hearing at the Capitol in Washington, June 23, 2022. Cheney has been among the GOP’s sharpest critics of former president Donald Trump.J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press

On “Star Trek” of old, Mr. Spock used his telepathic touch to achieve a Vulcan Mind Meld with others, letting him understand their thoughts and emotions. Today, after many digital exchanges with my Trumpian correspondents and commenters, I think I’ve achieved a similar shared consciousness. Herewith, my attempt to offer a MAGA mindset about a certain Republican renegade.

What a holier-than-thou haranguer Liz Cheney has become! So precious in her principles, so insistent in her strict version of the truth. It’s as though she never learned Kellyanne Conway’s lesson that there are many alternative facts in the creative reaches of the Republican realm. Imagine thinking that the only proper way to behave in public life is to honor an oath binding you to a Constitution as pesky as an IRS auditor in its many demands.


Will no one rid us of this meddlesome scold?

Donald Trump tried. Remember his stirring words on Jan. 6, 2021? “We’ve got to get rid of the weak congresspeople, the ones that aren’t any good, the Liz Cheneys of the world.”

Whereupon Wyoming voted her out of her congressional seat.

That loss was just deserts for the way she betrayed our MAGA-land by signing on as vice chair of the House’s January 6 Committee. The official MAGA line was that the investigative committee was just a Democratic attempt to smear President Trump and all those peaceful MAGA patriots who were inspired to tour the Capitol because of his patriotic speech on Jan. 6, and, denied access by police, decided in the sudden emotion of the moment to sneak unobtrusively in through some broken windows and ajar doors, for a quick peek about.

But once Cheney and fellow Republican Adam Kinzinger joined the committee, it was impossible to dismiss the probe as nothing but partisan politics. We had to fall back on asking why the mainstream media never talk about the way Antifa sank the Titanic. And also, Hunter Biden had a laptop, ee-i-ee-i-o, and on that laptop there were some emails, ee-i-ee-i-o.


OK, so maybe the Jan. 6 hearings did let people hear Trump’s top Department of Justice officials testify that they had informed the then-president there hadn’t been any significant election fraud in the 2020 presidential election. But as the old saying goes, all truths need not be told, and that one certainly wasn’t good for America. Not if you want Trump back in office to cut taxes again and create another unbelievable economy. Yes, yes, I — sorry, mind-meld MAGA mates, we — know Democrats claim that he merely inherited Barack Obama’s recovery and rebranded it as his own and that he never even got a single year of 3 percent growth, let alone the “4, 5, or even 6 percent” he predicted while pushing his tax cut.

Well, so what! People believed times were great, and if you believe things, they are true, at least for you. Right now, people believe times are bad, even though they aren’t, and that’s good news too, at least for us.

Beliefs, you see, have a power all their own. Why, if millions of people had listened to all those nasty stories about Trump going bankrupt again and again, they might never have believed he was a great businessman. If they hadn’t believed that, he might never have been elected president, in which case we never would have gotten the border wall, which I believe he built and made Mexico pay for. So you see how important perception is!


Now Cheney has a book — “Oath and Honor: A Memoir and a Warning” — and she’s cautioning that America is sleepwalking into dictatorship, just because Trump did some musing about punishing his enemies and rooting out communists and Marxists and radical left-wingers and other vermin, the way real-life 1930s and 1940s fascists dictators did.

Let’s be honest. That was a bit awkward.

Fortunately, Senator Lindsey Graham, Trump’s close friend, has shown us the way to respond to Cheney: Proclaim that President Biden’s policies are what will really destroy America, which is why it’s essential to return Trump to office.

Cheney, of course, is trying to poke holes in that message as well.

“As a nation, we can endure damaging policies for a four-year term,” she wrote in her book. “But we cannot survive a president willing to terminate our Constitution.”

Yikes! What if people listen to her?

It’s time to go full Chicken Little. Scream from the rooftops that the sky is falling — and that only Trump can fix it.

After all, if Cheney manages to introduce a sense of perspective into conservative dialogue, that would be bad news indeed for the saga of MAGA. And that’s our story.


Scot Lehigh is a Globe columnist. He can be reached at scot.lehigh@globe.com. Follow him @GlobeScotLehigh.