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Defying will of voters is a practice of both red and blue states

People walked by the Massachusetts State House on a sunny morning in March 2022.Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

Lissandra Villa de Petrzelka’s article “When voters’ decisions are challenged: Democracy is tested by new trend, experts say” (Page A1, Nov. 27) highlights recent cases of legislators in red states who are subverting the will that voters have expressed through ballot questions. Optimally, the article also would have reminded Massachusetts voters about our own will having been subverted by our blue state’s legislators.

For example, through a ballot question, we voters created a Clean Elections Law in 1998 that emphasized people-driven political campaigns over money-driven political campaigns. Our Legislature refused to implement the law until the court system forced it to act. Eventually, the Legislature retaliated against constituents by repealing the law.


Both then and now, both here and elsewhere, our country’s two entrenched political parties show themselves to be threatened by true democracy.

W.D. Stefanowicz