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Weather turns colder and dry for Tuesday, Wednesday

Looking ahead to the weekend, more mild temperatures move back in

A pedestrian navigates Kilby Street during heavy rain in downtown Boston.Craig F. Walker

The heavy rain will likely taper off during the morning before colder air arrives with the afternoon clearing.

The Sunday-Monday storm system unleashed heavy rain throughout the region, leading to a wet Monday morning commute for workers and students.

There were three elements to this weather system: rain, wind, and coastal flooding. They were not equal in their impact, however. The rain was really the big issue, and some places saw as much as 5 inches of it.

Heavy rain will be evident in central and eastern New England into Monday morning.WeatherBELL

There was an axis of heavy rain running from northwest Connecticut and Rhode Island somewhere through central and perhaps even eastern Massachusetts. It is along this axis that the highest risk of flooding existed.


The reason for the heavy rain was a plume of tropical moisture originating from the Gulf of Mexico streaming northward across the East Coast.

Temperatures will fall quickly behind a cold front Monday morning. Notice temperatures falling back into the 30s and 40s. During the day.WeatherBELL

Once the cold front passes, the gusty winds will abruptly shift to the northwest, and the southerly strong wind will shut down.

In the wind gust loop below, notice the warmer colors that are representative of the strongest winds and the sharp demarcation between the lighter winds to the north.

Some minor coastal flooding was expected at high tide Monday morning, but that is the least impactful part of the storm. Freshwater flooding from all of the rainfall is potentially the biggest issue. Some of the more susceptible roads could be potentially affected for a short time Monday morning.

The areas with orange dots and squares could see minor coastal flooding Monday.NOAA

It turns colder and drier for Tuesday and Wednesday, before a moderating trend ensues heading into next weekend, when temperatures will once again return to above average. This type of pattern is very typical in strong El Niño years.