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Blind date: ‘I felt more comfortable as we learned more about each other’

Will these daters get together again in 2024?

This week's daters: Julia and JaredHandout images

JARED I.: 25 / chemical engineer

HIS INTERESTS: Music, travel, snowboarding

HIS PERFECT MATE: Would look like Margot Robbie, and be motivated in her job

JULIA D.: 26 / owner of adaptive apparel brand for children

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH: She’s motivated, passionate, and independent.

HER PERFECT MATE: Chris Hemsworth, in a business beneficial to society



Jared I got there early and did my best to relax before going in. I’ve never had a blind date before, and especially with such little info about the person, it was super cool.

Julia I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare because I was working to fix issues on my company’s website. So all I did was get dressed and go.


Jared I got to the restaurant and they showed me the table and let me know my date was there already.

Julia They brought him to the table.

Jared I thought she had a really nice smile and was going to be super friendly based off of her body language.

Julia He was dressed nicely.


Jared We talked about why and when we applied for this, and that led into the vibe for drinks. We had both decided on wine and then I heard how she did a study abroad in Florence and took a class on wine. I usually drink white wine but I took her recommendation.

Julia We talked about traveling, our hobbies, and what we do outside of work. We talked about where we’d each want to live aside from Boston, and also about pets (I have a dog and he wants one but may get cats because they are less work).

Jared She is working in fashion for special needs children as well as teaching them on the side. She seems very passionate about it and I really admire that. Outside of work, she has a dog — a pit bull mixed with a terrier, a type of dog I’ve wanted — plays volleyball, and does trampoline workouts.


Julia We both like to travel. We have friends around the country we stay in touch with and make plans to see throughout the year.

Jared We’re both competitive, enjoy skiing/snowboarding, and love dogs.

Julia I ordered the burrata ravioli in a truffle cream sauce. It was great. Would definitely recommend it.

Jared I ordered a caramelized onion cacio e pepe with chicken. The food and service were phenomenal.

Julia He seemed like a nice, normal person, which made it easy to feel at ease.

Jared I felt more comfortable as we learned more about each other. She was attractive and her having a nice personality just made it better.


Julia We didn’t do anything after dinner.

Jared We left the restaurant. It was already almost 9 p.m., but I would have been excited to continue. I did get her number and asked her out again.

Julia We exchanged numbers and both said we had a fun time before parting ways. We said goodbye, because having just met as strangers, it seemed the most natural.


Jared Sounds like we will. I think it went really well and I enjoyed her company.

Julia Yes, we made a plan to see each other again in a more natural setting.


Jared / B+

Julia / B+


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