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Blind date: ‘I got a little lost . . . and was almost late’

Will this veterinary student bond with her date?

This week's daters: Grace and DavidHandout images

GRACE R.: 23 / veterinary student

LAST THING SHE READ: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH: She’s funny and a positive person.

DAVID J.: 25 / electrical engineer

WHEN HE IS HAPPIEST: Helping others

HIS PERFECT SATURDAY: Going on a run, fishing, or playing tennis



Grace I hung out with my grad school friends who were my cheerleaders while I was freaking out.

David I kept an open mind before the date.

Grace I got a little lost in the [shared] parking lot and was almost late.

David I arrived at the restaurant first, and waited for her to arrive.


Grace The hostess showed me to my table. David and I made awkward eye contact, which was anxiety-inducing and hilarious at the same time. David is a nice looking guy. He had a nice outfit on, which I appreciated.

David I thought she was good looking and well dressed.


Grace We tried to break the ice as fast as possible. We both kind of spit-fired the basic information: age, work, where you live, etc. We talked a lot about his family and his work. He’s an engineer in the military (how cool is that?) and his whole family has worked in the military. If I had that much dedication to something, I’d be in the best shape of my life.

David She is a vet student, so caring for animals is a large part of her professional and personal interests. We also discussed how we like to spend our time with family and friends, our future aspirations, and what we do for recreation.

Grace We both really love music, concerts, and board games. We also both like to hike; we both have actually been hiking at Purgatory Chasm [outside] Worcester. David is pretty different from me, though; he runs half-marathons and skis and likes working with computers.


David We both enjoy work, education, the outdoors, board games, animals, reading, traveling, and food.

Grace I ordered a salmon rice bowl. It was great! I also got a lovely pink drink called a Persephone and it was quite classy.

David [I ordered] fish tacos and beer. Highest rating.

Grace I realized that David was a really good guy when he was telling me about his family. He was telling me how much they mean to him and I thought it was so endearing.

David I liked her personality. She asked a lot of questions and always had an interest in what I had to say. She made the dinner insightful, fun, and an overall good experience.


Grace Toward the end, David had mentioned that I was a really lovely person to talk to before asking me on another date. It was really sweet.

David We both headed home after the date, as it was late.

Grace I gave him my phone number.

David We exchanged numbers and hugged.


Grace Probably not. I just had an epiphany after the date that I don’t have the time in my busy lifestyle to fit a relationship in. David deserves someone who can be fully present.

David She indicated to me after that she is really busy with school and would like to focus on that.


Grace / B

David / B+

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