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Blind date: ‘I think at our ages we’ve both “been there, done that”’

Will a painter and a photographer picture themselves together?

This week's daters: David and Thomas.

DAVID O.: 65 / artist

WHAT MAKES HIM HAPPY: Watching a good documentary

HIS HOBBIES: Voice lessons and painting

THOMAS R.: 64 / dog walker/ photographer

WHEN HE IS HAPPIEST: Hiking, biking, kayaking, and gardening

WHAT MAKES HIM A CATCH: He’s a great chef and baker.



David I applied for Cupid because I need to get out more.

Thomas Cupid kept popping up on my Facebook feed, so I decided to submit an application on a lark. I was really surprised when I was chosen — maybe the pool isn’t that deep.

David I walked to the restaurant and felt calm.


Thomas I walked my dog and took a quick nap. I felt pretty calm. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

David I was a little early and was seated at our table beside the front window. Thomas was on time.

Thomas I was five minutes early. He was already seated.

David I thought he was handsome.

Thomas He was well dressed.


David Our waitress surprised us with complimentary flutes of champagne right away.

Thomas We talked about what made each of us decide to apply.

David He asked me what kind of work I do, and then we talked about where we live. He ordered a beer and I sipped the champagne.

Thomas We are both artists. I am a photographer. He is a very talented painter.

David We talked about our work, such as my art and voice training and his photography and business caring for dogs. He said during a windy storm he was out walking dogs and I imagined how horrible that might have been. I learned he grows a garden inside his house and we talked about our recipes for eggplant parm. We both like to play pickleball and enjoy dramatic and musical theater. We talked about coming out. I mentioned some homophobia I experienced at a senior center and he said, “You don’t look like a senior.” I replied, “That was a nice thing to say.” He said, “Maybe I am too, I never thought about it.”


Thomas We started with spicy tuna lettuce rolls and beef teriyaki. Then we split an entree of General Gau chicken. Everything was wonderful.

David We shared appetizers and an entree, which were excellent. At the end we were treated to complimentary Japanese desserts!

Thomas It was a comfortable evening. I felt at ease throughout — I did not feel like I had to impress him. I think at our ages we’ve both “been there, done that.”


David We walked out together and he shook my hand.

Thomas When we were done with our meal, I did not feel a need to continue. It was a relaxed evening, but there was no romantic connection. I felt no chemistry.

David He said he needed to get back home to his dog.

Thomas We ended with handshakes and went our opposite ways.


David I told him to email me since I had given him my card, and he said he would.

Thomas Nice guy, but just not my type. I could be friends with David, but felt no connection otherwise


David / A

Thomas / B

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