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Blind date: ‘She had a cool scarf and bracelets and kind of looked like a very chic pirate’

Will this biking aficionado and his date ride off into the sunset?

This week's daters: Julia and PeterHandout

PETER F.: 23 / fabricator

WHAT MAKES HIM A CATCH: He’s handy, resourceful, laid-back, and always down for an adventure.

FIRST THING PEOPLE NOTICE IN HIS HOME: All the random half-finished art projects

JULIA H.: 22 / graduate student

HER PERFECT MATCH: Would look like John Mayer, and be a guitar player or chef

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH: She’s independent and focused.



Peter I biked to the date and took the long, scenic route.

Julia I got home from work and just relaxed on the couch.

Peter She was very stylish and cute, she had a cool scarf and bracelets and kind of looked like a very chic pirate.


Julia He was tall and cute. He had a mustache, but it worked for his look. I wasn’t sure how to greet him, but he went in for the hug, which I liked.

Peter It was a bit awkward at first. I went in for a hug while she tried to shake my hand, but things calmed down once we started talking. As soon as we started, I said to myself, I really like this person.

Julia I could tell right away he was pretty positive and had a good energy.


Peter I discovered my date is a PhD student in microbiology focusing on microbes on cheese.

Julia He builds playgrounds, which I thought was a cool job. Since we both just graduated, we talked about what we did over the summer. He went to Colorado to be a whitewater rafting guide, and did a road trip. He is very laid-back — which is kind of opposite of me, so it seemed like we balanced each other out.

Peter We both love exercise and adventures. Our new year’s resolutions were to stretch more (hers was to do yoga once a week and mine was to stretch every day).


Julia We both got a cocktail to start, and shared the mezze plate and veggie empanadas as appetizers. I don’t eat a ton of meat so I appreciated how he ordered the veggie empanadas. I got the harvest flatbread and he got the salmon. We shared the chocolate torte for dessert. All of the food was delicious.

Peter I have a tough time making decisions so I just asked the waitress for all of her favorite dishes and drinks and it seemed to work out.

Julia We shared a lot of our food, and tried each other’s drinks, which I think was nice.

Peter I felt very comfortable with my date. She was very easy to talk to and I felt like I could open up to her.

Julia His positive and funny energy was definitely a green flag.


Peter I walked her to her car and we exchanged numbers.

Julia We both agreed that we had a great time. I think we were both pleasantly surprised.

Peter She said doesn’t own a bike, which I can look past, but if we were to continue to date she would have to get a bike.

Julia I gave him a hug goodbye and we went in separate directions.


Peter I hope so! I would like to go dancing or have an adventure.

Julia I gave him my number, but he lives a little farther away from me than I realized, so future dates might be difficult to coordinate.



Julia / A-

Peter / A

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