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Introducing: The Globe Rhode Island Food Club

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Alexa Gagosz

Readers of the Globe Rhode Island Food & Dining Newsletter are in for a treat: This week, we’ve upgraded to The Globe Rhode Island Food Club. The newsletter is still filled with all of the great food and dining news you’re hungry for — and we have some great new things on the horizon.

I tended bar in Boston for years, but retired my cocktail shaker when I joined the Globe three years ago. I moved to Rhode Island and was blown away by the entire food ecosystem here. I launched this newsletter in 2022 to highlight the people who are behind our plates, the experts who craft our drinks, and the places that are under the radar but deserve the spotlight.


I love how quickly our community has grown. Some of us are industry veterans who understand the meaning of being “triple sat” and the importance of family meal. Others have never worked a day behind the line in a sweltering kitchen, or know the slight panic of having an item “86′ed” during dinner rush. Some are expert diners who come from all over the socioeconomic spectrum; others are still in school, and the neighborhood pizza joint is a favorite place to dine. Many aren’t even in Rhode Island — I’ve received messages from readers as far away as Maine, Texas, and even Sweden.

But wherever you are, and whatever your experiences, there’s something that brings us all together: a hunger for stories that are rooted in community, people, and food. Because everyone’s gotta eat.

So, welcome to The Food Club, a newsletter community where readers can connect with experts, local entrepreneurs, chefs, suppliers, farmers, and fellow foodies in a comfortable, accessible, and inclusive way. Please share your food and dining ideas with me, and stay tuned — we’ll be rolling out meet-ups, treats, and special events later this year.


Until then, keep reading, and happy eating.

Alexa Gagosz, Globe Rhode Island reporter

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