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With new series, ‘Suits’ gets expansive

Meghan Markle played Rachel Zane in "Suits."Ian Watson, USA Network

Are you one of the people who binged all nine seasons of “Suits” on Netflix and Peacock and still long for more legal mayhem from the “Suits”-verse? Hollywood is here for you, eager and willing to provide you with prequels, sequels, reboots, revivals, and franchise extensions if there’s interest.

NBC is making a pilot for a new series called “Suits: L.A.” It’s going to feature new characters in a new location, in the manner of “CSI: Miami,” say, or “NCIS: Los Angeles.” Of course, we can’t completely rule out visits from the LA folks, especially if ratings need a goose.    According to the release, the show will revolve around “Ted Black, a former federal prosecutor from New York, who has reinvented himself representing the most powerful clients in Los Angeles. His firm is at a crisis point, and to survive he must embrace a role he held in contempt his entire career.”


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