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Blind date: ‘I thought we were supposed to meet at 7, not 6’

Will this improv comedian have the last laugh with his date?

This week's daters: Amanda and ArchitHandout images

ARCHIT T.: 29 / aerospace engineer

WHEN HE IS HAPPIEST: When he makes someone laugh

LAST THING HE READ: How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking, by Jordan Ellenberg

AMANDA H.: 30 / social media manager

WHEN SHE IS HAPPIEST: At a Taylor Swift concert in the pouring rain

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH: She’s loyal, goofy, and outgoing.



Archit I’ve been getting sick of the apps recently, so I decided to try something different.

Amanda Hinge and Bumble can feel monotonous. Swipe, text, drinks. Swipe, text, drinks. So, I figured I’d try something new.


Archit I was about five minutes early. Amanda was late.

Amanda I thought we were supposed to meet at 7, not 6. I called the restaurant to let my date know. I felt terrible, but Archit was so nice about it.

Archit I thought she was cute. She was well dressed, which I appreciated. She was nervous and a little frazzled at first, but the nerves wore off quickly. For most of the night, she was bright and cheerful.

Amanda He looked nice and put-together, which is something I don’t always get on a first date.


Archit We talked about our jobs and dating in Boston. Amanda works as a social media strategist, but she’s also worked a second job in a bridal store. I thought that was interesting.

Amanda Archit is part of an improv group that has a show each month. He was really passionate about it and explained that it was one of the reasons he moved to Boston.

Archit We both prefer fruity cocktails to beer, and we both enjoy styling — picking matching clothes, and also matching room decor.

Amanda We both love Boston and enjoy snowy days in the city.

Archit I ordered a cranberry cocktail and a lobster roll. It was warm and delicious. I thought the food and service were top-notch.


Amanda I ordered the lobster bisque. The service was excellent.

Archit The conversation felt one-sided. Sometimes, I’d finish saying something about myself, I’d have to prompt her, “What about you?”

Amanda Archit was super-talkative and that was fantastic. He seemed to want to get to know me, too. However, even when he said he had so many questions to ask me, and I said go for it, he responded with, “Oh that’s tough — OK you ask ME a question.”


Archit We ended the date after dinner.

Amanda By the end, we had exhausted the conversation. I felt like we didn’t have that much in common other than a few similar likes.

Archit We talked about how we felt. We didn’t want any surprises reading the article. We agreed that there wasn’t a romantic connection.

Amanda I was honest and said I didn’t feel anything romantic, to which he seemed to agree. We hugged goodbye and I walked to my train while he got his Uber home.


Archit I don’t think there will be another date. I had fun talking to Amanda, but we just didn’t connect romantically.

Amanda No, we agreed there wasn’t anything romantic between us.


Archit / B-

Amanda / B

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