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Oobli’s made a chocolate bar with less sugar (but you’d never know it)

Oobli Milk Chocolate bars are made with sweet proteins derived from the West African berry oubli.Oobli

Indulging in chocolate is an unmatched delight. But if you’re trying to cut back on sugar, relinquishing the temptation is a hard pill to swallow — especially when chocolate is a holiday tradition. However, Oobli, a California biotech company, has come up with a solution. Using sweet proteins derived from a West African berry called oubli, they’ve created milk chocolate bars with 45 percent cocoa that tastes similar to conventional milk chocolate — but with only one gram of sugar per serving, along with 10 grams of fiber. The company says it’s the first to receive FDA approval to use sweet proteins as an ingredient that can replace artificial and alternative sweeteners. “Not only are (sweet proteins) delicious, affordable, and better for our health, but they’re also immensely better for the planet,” says the company’s CEO Ali Wing. Oobli bars are scored so you can easily break off a few rectangles and come in flavors like Cocoa Dreams (plain milk chocolate), All Go Nuts (with peanuts), Crisp ‘n Rice (crisped rice), and Almond Crunch (almonds) that give you the creaminess and caramel and vanilla flavors you find in traditional milk chocolate. “The goal for our first sweet protein-powered products is to spotlight the disruptive power of sweet proteins by giving people craveable, permissibly indulgent options to some of their favorite everyday sweets, like chocolates,” says Wing. The company has launched two other treats using this ingredient — dark chocolate bars and canned sweet teas, with more to come in the future. $16.55 to 18.39 for a 4-pack. For more information and to order, go to oobli.com.



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